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Urban Sounds

As a small independent label we want to work with only a few select artists. The work involved in developing your sound and image is very hard work and this is a key ingredient we look for when approached by musicians. Urbansounds is classed as a grassroots label because the people we work with are start up bands, with little to no experience in both the live arena and studio. Typically these bands are still figuring out what their sound is and have little to no fanbase so this is where a good strong work ethic is needed.  


Do you consider any music styles?

This is a difficult question to answer because some styles are so diverse and underground that even for us it lies out of our experience. However I will always take the time to listen and critique submissions and make a decision after.

Does it cost to be part of Urban Sounds?

Yes. I need to see total commitment from all musicians and so I charge for the production and studio space. This is something that is agreed before hand and will be worked out fairly. At the end of the day we are running a business and I need to offset some risk factors. 

What does Urban Sounds offer?

A full artist development package that covers all aspects of the creative process. 

  1. Recording
  2. Mixing
  3. Mastering
  4. Media (Photoshoots/ Music Video/ Website/ Social Media)
  5. Marketing
  6. Digital distribution to all major online stores
  7. Live 
  8. PRS registration 
  9. We specialize in singles and EP's
  10. Education

If you are a band/ solo artist/ musician wanting to get your career off the ground then please get in touch with Carl at carl@urbanrecordingstudios.co.uk 

To hear music we have done before visit www.carllamb.com/music 


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