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Urban Studios

Control Room

The main control room was designed to be a great listening environment with good visibility into the live room. To increase the visibility we installed two overhead flat screen monitors where you can view the Pro-tools session or live video links from live room two. The control room hosts an HD2 system running Pro-tools 8, with a control24 surface and a range of hardware and software solutions to facilitate many genres of music.

Live room one

The live room is a specially designed area where you can make as much noise as you like. With its acoustic treatment this room has a great sound. There is no need to feel closed in with over 40 square metres of floor space and a 4.3-metre high ceiling and is well suited for bands and small choirs.

Vocal Booth

The vocal booth is situated just off the control room and provides a great visual link with the sound engineer. It is acoustically isolated from the control room, which creates extra flexibility to meet the requirements of different sessions.

Live room two

If you are looking for that open sound then the hall is the perfect place. The hall has over 100 square metres of floor space along with a stage and a 8 metre high ceiling. It has a full sound and lighting rig as well as 24 lines to the control room.

From small ensembles to large bands or orchestras, this provides a great space for recording and practicing.

Project Studios

Our project studios are acoustically treated and serve as a great place to work on projects. We have a number of MIDI controllers at hand from electric drums, fully weighted MIDI keyboards, MIDI guitar and some smaller keyboards with MIDI controllers for real time processing - or you can simply bring your own.

The project studio has a 003 rack running ProTools 10 LE and an iMac Quad Core with 12 Gig of Ram. It comes with all the same soft synths, samples and plug-ins as the main studio giving us full compatibility.

Overall Facilities

At Urban Recording Studios we want your experience to be as relaxed as possible. To ensure this there are a range of facilities available.

The studio has a free secure parking area with disable access, which is fenced and monitored by CCTV. There is a fully equipped kitchen available for those who want to exercise their culinary skills or for those who simply want to make a cup of tea.

If you need to relax while another member of your group is in the live room then we have a large relaxation area where you can sit down, watch television or a DVD and even have a meal.



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